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English as a Business Communication Tool

Learning to communicate in a foreign language involves practicing with an experienced, professional trainer. Learners need flexibility, mobility, and skills that are immediately applicable in their professional environments. This is what we offer at goFLUENT with our English coaching by telephone. At the same time, they improve their ability to communicate face-to-face or by telephone, in English. goFLUENT’s English coaching by telephone is a key part of our proven and recognized methodology. More than 5,000 corporations worldwide benefit from goFLUENT’s Live Coaching by Telephone.

bullets Flexibility
Learners can take their lessons anywhere in the world, anytime. Lessons can be scheduled up to 30 minutes in advance.

goFLUENT’s telephone lessons are completely personalized according to each learner’s level and preferred topics, ensuring the most efficient, effective lessons possible.


goFLUENT has a strong code of ethics. All of our trainers are our own employees, with no outsourcing. We have a strong commitment to protecting the data and privacy of our clients.

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Key Points

Personalized evaluation

checkReserve lessons 24/7

Individual learning path
with an English native-speaker trainer

checkApplicable to corporate situation
checkDetailed corrections and trainer feedbackcheckPractice and preparation for the next lesson
Telephone Description


bullets Individual Lessons
      Combine the benefits of traditional face-to-face lessons and the flexibility of distance training.


bullets Customized
      Lessons are always based on the professional needs of each individual learner (finance, law, sales, IT, techniques,production, etc.).


bullets Proven Methodology
      Improves learner comprehension, pronunciation and overall fluency through the help of our professional native English speaking trainers.


bullets Personal Evaluation
      Determines each learner’s current proficiency level and objectives.


bullets Comprehensive Training
      Offers a personalized training plan developed through an analysis of oral language skills, followed by a written diagnostic.


bullets Learner Progress Reports
      Summarize each lesson with detailed corrections, training materials and homework for the succeeding lesson
Themed English training workshops
We offer intensive, themed English training workshops that emphasize professional English training. The workshops include numerous activities (oral, written, vocabulary, grammar, articles and exercises) and use a range of resources specific to the theme to accelerate their rate of learning on given topics.
bullets No additional cost
      Each workshop lasts for 90 minutes, which is the equivalent to 3 telephone lessons. Learners can schedule the workshop with the assistance of the Learning Consultant team, and 3 telephone credits will be deducted from their account. The resources will be sent to the learner to prepare at least 24 hours before the start of the workshop.
bullets Multitude of themes to choose from
      We have a wide range of workshops for learners to subscribe to, including, but not limited to: meeting participation, business presentations, events management, Human Resources, negotiations, performance reviews, customer service, office communications and advertising.