Virtual Classroom

Empower your employees to learn and interact in English with other learners from all over the world as our Business English trainers present our latest resources live 24/7.

An enjoyable classroom experience anytime and any day

goFLUENT’s Virtual Classroom is a 24/7 interactive learning environment available on the eLearning solution. It includes live video lessons, chatroom interactions and conference calls, led by one of goFLUENT’s business English trainers presenting the latest resources in the eLearning portal. Gathering a small group of learners of the same English proficiency level from all over the world, each lesson explores goFLUENT’s most recent eLearning modules.

Virtual Classroom Features

Business English Trainers

Native English-speaking trainers, trained in English education and highly capable of conducting intelligent and stimulating lessons with professional learners

Professionally Relevant Lessons

In-depth guide to the latest resources, including business How-to guides, videos and articles from Harvard Business Review, New York Times and AFP


Chatroom conveniently located right next to the video streamer to encourage learners to interact with the trainer and other learners

Toll-free Conference Call

A live discussion on the given topic for the second half of the lesson for the opportunity to practice and gain confidence discussing in English within a group

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Virtual Classroom Benefits

Guided Learning

Live video presentation of the latest learning modules in the portal by one of our English-speaking trainers

Classroom-style Engagement

Your employees are free to watch as many lessons as they please and are encouraged to interact with the trainer and other learners

Language Practice

Group conversations in English with learners of the same level to better nurture their English competency and confidence

Round-the-clock Sessions

Available round-the-clock with every virtual class beginning on the hour, covering different competency levels every hour

"A good hybrid of teaching resources that are built around content that is relevant.”

— Emanuela Zappone

Vice President, Leadership and Organization, Development, O-I Europe


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