A hybrid training of Business English and Leadership

The Leadership Suite is premium content available as an add-on to our eLearning solution. We partnered with one of the most influential business management publications in the world to offer you this top-of-the-line business English learning experience. The learning content is especially targeted towards managers, leaders and employees who are interested in enhancing their Business English training and leadership skills.

Leadership Suite Features

  • Fundamental Leadership Content

    Exclusive videos and articles from Harvard Business Review, known for launching transformational ideas in management and professional development relevant to a wide range of industries

  • Clear Learning Goals

    Each lesson begins with objectives, an overview of the learners’ goals for the lesson. The objectives usually include an English language skill and a leadership concept.

  • Highlighted Key Takeaways

    To review if they have thoroughly understood the ideas of the video or article, learners can go through the key lessons of the resource material in a section called Highlights.

  • Integrated Learning

    The Study section encourages learners to develop their English skills in the the context of the leadership concepts presented in the video or article

  • Personal Application Boost

    Guide questions are provided in the Ask Yourself section, which encourages learners to think more deeply about the lesson and utilize their newly acquired business English and leadership skills in their own professional context.

  • Lesson Retention Quiz

    Learners can immediately apply and test what they’ve learned in the Practice section.

Leadership Suite Categories






Leadership Development


Strategic Thinking


Management Style


Work Culture


"A very powerful solution."

— Aline Estevant, Vice President of Human Resources for O-I Europe

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