Face to Face Solutions

Your employees can learn Business English in a classroom setting, featuring exclusive content, in one of more than 50 training centers worldwide.

Business English blended learning in a classroom setting

The Face-to-Face Solution caters to global professionals of all proficiency levels who want to improve their English communication competency in a classroom setting. Affiliated with more than 50 training centers worldwide, this solution provides organizations with a one-of-a-kind face-to-face training experience packed with business-relevant enriched content from our globally esteemed business, news and current events partners—the New York Times, Harvard Business Review, and AFP.

Face to Face Features

Business English Trainers

English-speaking trainers, trained in English education and highly capable of conducting intelligent and stimulating lessons with professional learners

Relevant Business Material

Up-to-date learning materials relevant to the professional lives of the members of your organization with content from some of the world’s most respected business and news publications

eLearning Access

More than 5,000 videos, articles, business How-tos, and grammar and vocabulary modules—all enriched with learning guides and 100% online

Live Lessons

Additional lessons over the phone, completely personalized according to each of your employee's level and preferred topics

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Face to Face Benefits

Strict Classroom Setting

A traditional classroom setting for professionals to manage their time more effectively and integrate their coursework into their daily routine

Group Work and Feedback

Refines understanding through face-to-face discussions and feedback from a variety of perspectives from the group

Blended Learning

By integrating the benefits of various learning methods, your organization can maximize each method’s advantages in scope, flexibility, and cost efficiency

Dynamic Learning Environment

Provides a venue in a dynamic learning environment where body language and mannerisms can play an important role in their learning

Complementary Products

Virtual Classroom

Empower your employees to learn and interact in English with other learners from all over the world as our Business English trainers present our latest resources live 24/7.


eWriting is our written communication training with comprehensive feedback from Business English trainers for your employees to learn to write clearly and eloquently in English for the business

Leadership Suite

Take your employees’ Business English training to the next level with Leadership Suite—our exclusive eLearning library with topics ranging from strategic thinking, productivity, and more.