Improve your employees’ English proficiency with more than 5,000 business-relevant training content, updated daily.

Premier English distance learning at your fingertips

eLearning is a comprehensive online English training product that can be deployed to a large number of employees worldwide, with different proficiencies and native languages. It features business-relevant learning modules with exclusive content from the New York Times, Harvard Business Review, and AFP, to ensure that learning can be directly applied to real life and business settings.

eLearning Features

Thousands of Videos and Articles

The latest videos and articles from our content partners, enriched with learning modules dedicated to vocabulary building and reading comprehension

Hundreds of How-to Business Guides

Informative practical guides that help learners develop applicable business skills used in negotiations, presentations, expressing ideas and more

Extensive Grammar and Vocabulary Modules

Grammar and vocabulary building make up the backbone of mastering a foreign language. Aside from highlighting keywords in our articles and videos, we provide vocabulary sets based on specific topics

Virtual Classroom

Opportunities for group study with learners of the same English proficiency, through chat during live video-streaming instruction and an interactive discussion via telephone conference

Mobile Learning

Convenient access to eLearning resources and Live Lessons schedule, anytime and anywhere. The app is available on both iOS, Android and other platforms

English Desk

Brief lessons via blog posts on grammar, idioms, new words and phrases, and business expressions based on real-life experiences posted by our native English-speaking trainers

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eLearning Benefits

Training Path

We partnered with some of the world’s most recognized business and news publications—the New York Times, Harvard Business Review, and AFP.

Business-relevant Content

Content from respected business and news publications to ensure relevance in your employees’ professional lives

Quantifiable Progress

Real-time customizable reports which measure learner progress, including level progress, attendance, satisfaction, and more

Customizable Platform

Portal can be branded with your company logo, customized with your content, and integrated into your company’s platform

Complementary Products

Live Lessons

Live Lessons are personalized English lessons over the phone, available anytime and anywhere, so your employees can build their confidence and communication skills with the help of our professional Business English trainers


eWriting is our written communication training with comprehensive feedback from Business English trainers for your employees to learn to write clearly and eloquently in English for the business

Leadership Suite

Take your employees’ Business English training to the next level with Leadership Suite—our exclusive eLearning library with topics ranging from strategic thinking, productivity, and more.