goFLUENT’s Blended Learning solution deployed to the employees of pharmaceutical giant Bristol-Myers Squibb

Key Figures

  • Founded in 1887
  • Leader in the Biopharmaceutical Industry
  • Headquartered in New-York, USA
  • 11th Global pharmaceutical company
  • 24000 employees with 2500 in France

What attracted me to goFLUENT’s blended learning platform is the fact that learners can easily access all the information they need for their training with just a few clicks: the different modules, lesson reports, exercises and homework sent by their trainers. The eLearning module is also very dynamic, with new business resources being added every day, keeping the learners interested and engaged. As a training and development manager, I find it very helpful to see the progress of my learners through this platform.

goFLUENT’s blended learning approach allows us to optimize our company’s language training budget.


I am convinced of the efficiency of goFLUENT’s blended learning approach which integrates lessons by telephone, eLearning with different types of exercises and homework, as well as individual or group face-to-face lessons. Training is tailored for each learner, and the learning content is adapted to the learners’ needs and goals. Learners are able to apply their improved skills in real professional situations….

Coralie Michel
Training and Development Manager

97% of users are satisfied with the deployed solution

“Learners spend an average of 6 hours per month on goFLUENT’s blended learning platform”