Blended Learning Solutions catering to different organizations

Our streamlined blended learning solutions cater to the various needs of different organizations and individuals, while achieving consistent quality training across all our products. With a single point of access for all learning resources, you can seamlessly transition from eLearning and eWriting courseworks to Live Lessons over the telephone.
  • Solution for Individual Learners

    Are you an individual learner? See how our solutions help thousands of individuals learn English.

  • Solution for Corporations

    Transform your global employees’ English communication skills and assure a solid ROI with our Business English training solution.

  • Solution for Schools

    Give your students a unique competitive edge with one of the most effective English programs in the market.

  • Solution for Training Centers

    Boost your training center’s competitive advantage with our innovative Business English blended learning program.

Blended Learning Solutions


Our eLearning portal has more than 5,000 regularly updated business-relevant training contents, accessible anytime and anywhere, to enable your employees to effectively utilize English as a Business Communication Tool.

Live Lessons

Live Lessons are personalized English lessons over the phone, available anytime and anywhere, so your employees can build their confidence and communication skills with the help of our professional Business English trainers


eWriting is our written communication training with comprehensive feedback from Business English trainers for your employees to learn to write clearly and eloquently in English for the business

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