Downloadable goFLUENT brochures and product sheets

We have a comprehensive set of products to meet various needs in Business English training. Our goal is to help the corporate world communicate better with innovative training solutions.

  • eLearning


    eLearning is a comprehensive online English training product that can be deployed to a large number of employees worldwide, with different proficiencies and native languages. It features business-relevant learning modules with exclusive content from the New York Times Harvard Business Review, and AFP, to ensure that learning can be directly applied to real life and business settings.

    goFLUENT’s eLearning platform features authentic, Business English content that learners can use to increase their overall efficiency and fluency when communicating in English. The content is also relevant to the workplace so any skills acquired are immediately applicable in a professional setting.

  • Live Lessons

    Live Lessons

    Live Lessons provide global professionals the opportunity to interact with native English-speaking trainers, well-versed in various professional industries, anytime and anywhere via telephone. Trainers provide steady guidance and immediate feedback to guarantee progress, empowering learners to apply their newly acquired English skills in real-life business situations.

    More than 5,000 corporations worldwide benefit from goFLUENT’s Live Coaching by Telephone. Our Telephone solution offers Individual Lessons customized to meet the professional needs of individual learners. Live lessons combine the benefits of traditional face-to-face lessons and the flexibility of distance training.

  • eWriting


    eWriting is an essential tool for learning written English communication, complementary to the eLearning solution. Addressing the growing need of organizations to improve their employees’ written communication skills for smoother business flow, eWriting empowers professionals to practice and improve their written communication skills through valuable feedback and recommendations from native English-speaking trainers.

    eWriting is goFLUENT’solution for corporate professionals who are looking to develop their Business English writing skills. This product consists of written communication in English with a coach who guides the learner by providing helpful feedback.goFLUENT’s eWriting is the perfect solution for companies whose employees are required to communicate in written English.

  • Virtual Classroom

    Virtual Classroom

    Virtual Classroom is a 24/7 interactive learning environment available on the eLearning solution. It includes live video lessons, chatroom interactions and conference calls, led by a business English trainer presenting the latest resources in the eLearning portal. Gathering a small group of learners of the same English proficiency level from all over the world, each lesson explores goFLUENT’s most recent eLearning modules.

  • Face to Face Solution

    Face to Face Solution

    Face-to-Face Solution is English language training in a traditional classroom setting. Affiliated with more than 50 training centers worldwide, this solution is packed with business-relevant enriched content from our globally esteemed business, news and current events partners—the New York Times, Harvard Business Review, and AFP.

  • Mobile Learning

    Mobile Learning

    Mobile Learning is a state-of-the-art solution for global professionals of all proficiency levels to improve their English communication competency anytime, anywhere. Packed with enriched content from globally-esteemed business, news and current events partners, this mobile solution ensures that learners are trained directly with materials applicable to their professional lives even while they’re on-the-go.

  • Leadership Suite

    Leadership Suite

    Leadership Suite is premium content available as an add-on to eLearning. goFLUENT has partnered with one
    of the most influential business management publications in the world to offer exclusive leadership content top-of-the-line business English learning experience. The learning content is especially targeted towards managers, leaders and employees who are interested in enhancing their Business English training and leadership skills.