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Provide your students with unique Business English training that makes use of the innovative flipped classroom model and features exclusive content from our partners—the New York Times, Harvard Business Review and AFP.

The best Business English education for tomorrow’s informed leaders

Utilizing the flipped classroom pedagogical model in our solutions have allowed us to cultivate a richer and more effective learning experience for our learners. We do this by giving them control over the instructional pace of their coursework through our eLearning portal. This leaves valuable class time with their instructors and fellow students for inquiry and application, maximizing opportunities for engagement and interaction during the class to validate what they’ve learned in their own time.

Your Business English instructors will be able to choose from more than 5,000 exclusive learning resources, including videos, articles, business How-tos, vocabulary lists, and grammar modules, to assign to their students. Their students will learn from the assigned materials at their own time and pace, and come to class ready to discuss and apply what they’ve learned.


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What are the advantages of our Solution for Schools?

Leadership Trends and Current Events

An added advantage of being informed about relevant topics in the corporate world Accessibility Accessible on any device with an internet connection,


Accessible on any device with an internet connection, wherever students may feel most comfortable learning

Individualization and Self-motivation

Learning based on the student’s interest through free access to thousands of learning modules on different topics under various industry categories

Maximized Class Time

Flipping the traditional classroom not only allows your students to practice their newly acquired skills during class time, but also gives instructors sufficient time and means to validate them

Customized Progress Reports

Monthly Reports

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Real-time Reports

Generate a customized report instantly with a variety of settings available for you to choose.