Solution for Training Centers

Provide your learners with unique Business English training that makes use of the innovative flipped classroom model and features exclusive content from some of the world’s most recognized business and news publications.

A proven, innovative blended learning Business English program

Our Solution for Training Centers offers language schools and other corporate training centers a turnkey solution for their Business English program.

Trusted by more than 50 training centers worldwide, our proven method utilizes the flipped classroom pedagogical model, wherein the typical lecture and homework elements are reversed. By empowering learners with control over the instructional pace of their coursework through our eLearning portal, you can maximize valuable class time for information validation, additional inquiries and opportunities for application.

Your Business English instructors will be able to choose from more than 5,000 exclusive learning resources, including videos, articles, business How-tos, vocabulary lists, and grammar modules, to assign to their learners.


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