A solid quality platform that’s globally deployable

Permits a large number
of learners accessing
the portal at the same time

Manages and organizes
learners into different branches

Allows learners to connect
from all over the world
without delays

Licensing Options

Flexible and cost-effective licensing models to match your budget

Corporate License

eLearning access for all of your
company’s employees worldwide


Fixed credits and licenses
for individual employees

Return on Investment

Training benefits that justify the cost

Improves employee
satisfaction and morale

Increases workplace
performance and productivity

Creates promotable

Variety of Solutions

One provider to satisfy diverse training needs

Self-study Training Paths

• General English
• Business Skill-specific English
• Industry-specific English

One-on-one Lessons with Visual
Collaboration Tools

• Personal communication objectives
• Business task preparation
• Business communication workshops

Written English Practices

• Current events topics
• Corporate writing skills
• Grammar and vocabulary building

Group Lessons

• Live video discussion led by trainer
• Student-to-student chatroom interaction
• Group telephone conference